Monday, August 04, 2014

Blogging About Not Blogging

I haven't blogged for well over a year now.  I am not sure there is anyone out there who reads this blog who is wondering what is going on with me.  I figure anyone who cares enough probably knows me personally and would just ask me.

I sort of wonder if Facebook killed the blog.  I remember when I first started Facebooking I would consider writing a blog post and realized I could capture what I wanted to say in a succinct Facebook update.  It seems a lot of my friends who used to blog regularly don't do so anymore either, and I wonder if that influenced them.  I think part of it is also realizing how many blogs there are that are out there that are similar to mine, and truthfully, I don't find their blogs all that interesting! There are a few people out there whose race recaps I like to read (like Wongstar's), but  mostly I find it more information than I need to know.   I read a funny thing on FB:  "I plan on having such an awesome run, Morgan Freeman should narrate it."    Sorry, but I'm starting to feel like my races are unworthy of narration and maybe that is true of most other people's, too.

This weekend was open water weekend in Flip Flop, with the Roughwater Swim on Saturday and the Cruz Cruise on Sunday.  I had done one or both of them ever year since 2004, but I missed what would have been my tenth anniversary for either of them.  I care enough to notice that I missed them, but honestly, not much more than that.  Raybon's 40th birthday party was Saturday, scheduled on a day that was convenient to one of his buddies.  I guess I could have gone to the Cruz Cruise on Sunday, but the not as sad as it sounds fact is I don't remember the last time I swam 2 miles, and the last time I swam at all was over 2 weeks ago.   Also, I was just plain exhausted from party prep and hosting!

The strange thing is I feel zero angst about it.  My feelings have just changed about racing.  When I hear about a race I don't generally think, "Could I do it?  Should I do it?"  I usually just think "Meh" and then I move on. I have some vague ideas about why this is, but truthfully I don't even care enough to try and figure it out.  There was a time when thinking about giving up racing would make my heart ache, but it doesn't at all anymore.  Maybe it is just that I know this is my last year before Rory goes off to public school. Time is precious and slipping by so quickly.

In other news, life is good.  It may not be interesting enough to write about, but as Tolstoy wrote, "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."  I am  happy and couldn't care less whether or not if I am interesting.