Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thoughts on Running in Rain and Wind

- I used to think fleece pants were fine to wear in wet weather.  Had many arguments with Raybon about this, based on personal experience.  Today, I finally had to admit he was right.  My pants were totally soaked, to the point that they were almost falling off of me from the weight.

- If you blink really fast in blinding wind and rain, your eyelids sort of act as shields/windshield wipers.

- Weather was horrible at mile .5.  Bad for first mile.  Quite nice at mile 2.  Turned around at mile 3.  Went to horrifically terrible at mile 4.  Sigh, 2 miles to go.

-  It's funny how when the weather was good, I felt God's love shining on me, and when it turned bad, I started to rethink my theology.  Yes, I still believe in God, and really my beliefs haven't changed, but the gamut of thoughts (not beliefs) about my place in the world just based on weather.

- I don't think they'll take Rory away from me based on this, so I'll just admit it:  I pushed him for this run.  He slept through half of it.  When he complained of cold, I bundled him up a bit more, and he was fine.

-  Had lunch with Rory sitting in my wet clothes.  I had a cold salad because that was the closest thing I could find that fit my diet, he a warm milk and grilled cheese.

-  Went and swam with Rory after lunch in a warm pool in our wetsuits.  Was quite nice, the sun came out for him.  Rory has the best luck.  I do not, so it is good that he is my almost constant companion.

-  Was a little grumpy with him at the grocery store and trips between car and our other destinations.  Sometimes I'm that bad mom that I am horrified by when I see it on other people.

That's about it.  It was about 45 degrees, with winds, I don't know 18 MPH?

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