Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Things I Want to Blog about

- Swimming 46200 yards this month.  Missing my 50000 yard goal.  See below.

- Having a 3.5 year old with a simultaneous stomach flu and ear infection, while I am also sick.  There is nothing like not being able to give your hungry/thirsty child proper sustenance because he can't hold anything down.  Especially when he is grumpy, hungry and thinks getting angry is going to get him what he wants.

- Getting my first actual "F" on an assignment.  In a community college class of all things!  Sooo  want to give a passive aggressive rant.  Is being passive aggressive so bad?  Honestly, it bugs me a little bit, but I care so much less about this than I did when I got a C on an exam my freshman year of college.

- The violence in Santa Cruz yesterday.  This is totally out of place on the list.  I am so sad for the families of the slain police officers, and for myself and everyone who loves Santa Cruz.

But I'm going to get ready for bed, lie down, read Rory some stories and go to sleep.

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