Thursday, January 03, 2013

Hi, it's me!

Is 2+ months a record for not blogging for me?

I only have time for a quicky update.  Just enough while Raybon is brushing Rory's teeth and watching cartoons before I have to takeover with story reading.

Since I last blogged, I have gotten fat and out of shape.  Ok, I've maybe gained 5 pounds or so, and haven't been exercising a whole lot. I was working on getting back in swimming shape.  Then I got sick.  Then I got back in shape.  Then Christmas happened, and it will be 2 weeks before I finally get back in the water on Saturday.  So much for that.  In desperation I went for a stroller jog today in air that was polluted with smoke from everyone's wood stoves and fireplaces.  Rory is starting to give up his nap, which makes workout time challenging.  He sleeps in later, so I can't get out for a run as early as I need to when the air is less polluted.  I can't ride my trainer, because I really can only do that while he is sleeping.  And since prechool is on a 2 week hiatus, workout time is even more limited.  I may have to get him used to playing by himself for a lengthy amount of time while I ride my bike. I guess I'll have to be creative somehow.  I am back to being the kind of person who needs to exercise in order to manage my weight and stay healthy, as opposed to having lofty goals to live up to.

I'm not taking a class right now, but a new one start in February, so that is one more thing that will make workout time more limited...  I am going to work on making it a priority again.  I'll come up with a plan, I guess and hope things work well.  I'm not interested in a huge goal, but just need to come up with some kind of balanced schedule that works for our family.  May involve doing more running again, and less swimming for a while.

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