Thursday, October 25, 2012

Notes to Self for Next October

I'm sick.  Have been for a couple weeks now.  I seem to have a pattern of getting sick in October, so I'm making some notes for myself.  I remember things better if I blog about them:

1) Humidifier.  Keep checking humidity in the house, and run a pot of water in the day and humidifier at night to adjust for humidity if it is too low.
2)  Don't go on a calorie or carb restricted diet right when Rory starts preschool, especially if you plan on doing workouts that are either intense of longer than an hour.
3)  Have a store of chicken soup frozen in the deep freezer before cold season starts.

That's all for now...  I hate being sick.  I was feeling better today mostly, but now I'm tired and my nose is still like a faucet.  I hope I don't relapse.  I'm trying to feed my cold, and sort of chicken soup the heck out of it.

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