Thursday, October 25, 2012

Notes to Self for Next October

I'm sick.  Have been for a couple weeks now.  I seem to have a pattern of getting sick in October, so I'm making some notes for myself.  I remember things better if I blog about them:

1) Humidifier.  Keep checking humidity in the house, and run a pot of water in the day and humidifier at night to adjust for humidity if it is too low.
2)  Don't go on a calorie or carb restricted diet right when Rory starts preschool, especially if you plan on doing workouts that are either intense of longer than an hour.
3)  Have a store of chicken soup frozen in the deep freezer before cold season starts.

That's all for now...  I hate being sick.  I was feeling better today mostly, but now I'm tired and my nose is still like a faucet.  I hope I don't relapse.  I'm trying to feed my cold, and sort of chicken soup the heck out of it.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Flip Flop Triathlon 2012

Did I mention I did the Flip Flop Triathlon about a week ago?

I kinda don't feel like writing a race report.  Here's how I did in case you are curious


Swim:  27:20
T1:  6:40
Bike:  1:35:08
T2:  1:32
Run: 1:03:37
Overal:  3:13:17

I've done the race a couple times.  My P.R. was set two years ago, when Rory was a little over 16 months old

Swim:  30:58
T1:  5:49
Bike: 1:28:04
T2:  1:56
Run:  56:37
Overall:  3:03:24

It's actually fine that I didn't do as well as last time.  I had trained on the bike for 5 or 6 months for the 2010 race.  I'd only trained for 6 weeks for this race.  My swim was faster at least, this time.  I think my only goal time-wise was to do better than 3:30, which is what I did when Rory was 4 months postpartum.  I mostly just wanted to do another triathlon, to sort of just get back in the game, I guess and see my old teammates and other friends.

I don't want to write a narrative exactly, so I'll just write some highlights, not necessarily in chronological order:

- The race started over an hour late.  There was some talk of the swim getting cancelled.  I'm glad it wasn't, of course, since I like swimming. It was kind of fun socializing a bit with other athletes before the race started, but since all I had for breakfast was a banana and some Vespa Junior I worried I'd be depleted before the race began.  I ended up only taking in a bottle of Skratch Labs Hydration Mix the whole race, so I didn't have a lot of fuel in me.

-  I wore a wetsuit. I even bought one, a sleeveless for $100, at the expo  It didn't feel uncomfortable, but I was one minute slower than when I did the swim around the wharf in late July.  It is possible that I was subconciously holding back a bit because I knew what lay ahead, or that I was just slower because I hadn't been swimming as much because I have to fit in cycling, but I kinda think a wetsuit might just make me slower in the open water.  It does make me faster in the pool, but maybe when you take away glides off the wall it changes the whole thing.

- I wore my T.S. tri top, kind of nervously, because I wasn't sure I belonged in it, not having worked out with the team or paying dues for a while.  But the coaches and team manager all were friendly and happy to see me, and Ultra-M told me I will always be part of the team, which is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to hear.

- The bike was fun until I reached the turnaround and realized I had a tailwind on the way out and a wind in  my face on the way back.  This is the opposite of what I've experienced on every ride I've done on the coast.  I almost thought I was going to P.R. while I did the first half, but slowed down when I turned around.

-  The run was painful, especially the first mile, which I think took me about 13 minutes, if the mile markers were correct.  Part of it was one of my contacts fell out of my eye, and I had to fix it.  Also, my knee locked up a little bit, but I jogged a bit, and it seemed to clear up.  I guess that means I averaged 9 minute 30 second miles for the rest of the race, which is not too shabby as far as I'm concerned.

- I had a few phrases going through my head that sustained me for the run.  One was one word: "Patience."  the other was "You are enough.  You have enough."

- I carried Rory over the finish line, the first time I think I've done this.  He loved it and kept saying "Thank you Mommy" and sometimes "Thank you for saving me from my life."  I could say the second thing to him.

- I  chatted with people a bit after the race, but needed to rush off to get showered and refueled in time for  Rory's soccer practice.  I realize now that this is the first time in Rory's whole life that I have been apart from him for his entire nap time.  Raybon just drove him around in the car until soccer camp started so he would stay asleep.  Rory was not a happy camper at soccer camp, so I was glad I was there for him.

I may do it next year, although it sounds like it won't be a event for my old team.  I think they are doing Ironman Lake Tahoe, which is the day before.  I won't be doing that because (a) it is sold out ,(b) I haven't completed a marathon that I was satisfied with, (c) marathon training alone almost seems like too much, (d) Rory doesn't have preschool in the summer leading up to the race, and (e) I don't want to.

Anyhow, I raced yesterday, too.  I did the Keller Cove Open Water swim in Richmond.   I did the 2-mile non wetsuit, just because I figured it would be a better workout than the 1 mile I was probably in better shape for.  It was a 5 year reunion I sort of helped organize for my Catalina Channel Relay team.  Three out of 6 us showed up, although 5 out of 6 planned on going.  It was really fun seeing Mike and Marianne at least, and good to know that friendships don't have to slip away over time.  I got first in my age group (out of 2) and had my choice between a ribbon and water bottle.  I chose the water bottle, just because it is more useful.