Monday, September 03, 2012

More on Food and Family

Ever since my birthday, I've fallen off the wagon, diet wise.  I've been eating too many sweets.  Mostly coconut sugar and honey sweetened, but still.  I just don't do well with them.  I've also been eating too many grains, I think.  The real problem is probably the sweets more than the grains, though.  

The "Whole 30" I did was a lot of work in some ways, and I was relieved to be done with it.  I think in some ways I felt like being health obsessed was a little self-indulgent, like I should be spending more time playing with Rory instead of cooking. I also felt kind of bad for Raybon that we had to go to the same restaurants over and over again because I couldn't eat much. I need to forget about that way of thinking, because if I eat well, I feel better and have more energy (and time) for everything.  I've fallen into some bad habits already.  I heard somewhere from some motivational speaker on PBS that we need to put a little catalyst into an effort, the payoff in terms of what you get back is life changing.  I think for me that catalyst needs to be time set aside for meal planning.  

The truth is, it is partially laziness and lack of focus on my part.  I don't feel like cooking all the time.  On Raybon's and my birthday last month, it was too hard to stay away from sweets.  I made myself a bunch of gluten free treats for my birthday, and they didn't all get eaten at my party, so I would eat them daily.  So I've  fallen off the wagon, and need to get back on.

At the very least, I am giving up sweets.  No more cookies.  No more homemade coconut milk ice cream.  No more gluten free toaster waffles.  Hopefully blogging about this will strengthen my commitment.  Maybe I need a paleo support group or something.

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Jocelyn Wong said...

I'll be in your paleo support group! I almost ate a whole ice cream by myself after the race last weekend. and went terrible this Labor day weekend. time to get back on the wagon!!!