Friday, May 18, 2012

What (Not) To Do When Tapering

I'm tapering.

Yes, I did sign up for that marathon in Flip Flop that is happening this Sunday.  Yes, the full.  I waited until I had finished all my training but the taper, then I signed up.

I just really wanted to do it, and realized I could.  Who knows if next year I will even have the same opportunity?  What it they don't do the race again?  What if Raybon is too busy with work?  Basically, I was able to do my training with little impact to my family, because all Raybon had to do was watch Rory for an hour in the morning, drop him off at preschool, and pick him up.  I even came with him to pick him up each of those times, too.  Raybon just worked from home.  He hasn't been super busy at work, so this was feasible, when it hasn't always been and might not always be.

I have a cold today. :(.  I hope I am better by Sunday, but unless I feel like a dead woman, I will probably race anyways.

I've been keeping myself busy, probably a little too busy.  One of our cars died a couple weeks ago.  Since I don't have a job, even though Raybon was driving that car most of the time, in a way it became my car once it died, since Raybon had to take the one I drove most of the time.  It was 13 years old, had 200,000 miles on it, and was just ready to go.  I thought that maybe I didn't need a car, since Raybon works from home 2 days a week, I'd only be without a car 3 days a week.  Obviously, I'm pretty good at getting around on my feet and pushing a stroller.  But since I do realize I can depressed at times when I am stuck at home and feel isolated, I decided we should get a car.

Car shopping became my "project."  I decided on a used Prius.  Raybon drives so much it just made good economic sense, and I feel better about buying a car with close to zero emissions.  I looked at and found one that seemed almost fairly priced, so we drove over to look at it.  I tried to talk them down to the Edmunds price, and got them to meet me half way, off by a couple hundred dollars on both our sides.  They lied and lied during negotiations, tried to intimidate me, and tried to cheat us on the financing.  My hands were shaking as I firmly stuck to my guns.  I think I may have a few more gray hairs I can blame on this whole process, so I wonder if the money was worth it, but I guess it is better than feeling taking advantage of?

This week was Rory's 3rd birthday.  Happy Birthday, my darling son.  I am incredibly proud of him, and was so excited about his birthday.  We looked at pictures of him from his past birthdays together.  I love him at each of the ages 0, 1, and 2 and miss the little person in each one of them, but love the person cuddling with me as we looked at them together the most.  He is in so many ways the person I wish I was:  honest, brave, loving, independent, friendly, curious, and big hearted.

Trying to create magic for Rory's birthday was tiring when I was already tired from car shopping.  I made bear cake pops for his preschool, and a pirate ship cake for his birthday.  I was good and didn't sample any of it this time, trying to be strict about my diet for my race on Sunday.  I hope I didn't work so hard that I won't have energy to race on Sunday, but I was too excited and couldn't help it.  Maybe find something to obsess over besides the race is actually a good thing.

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