Thursday, May 03, 2012

Raybon's First Marathon

Congratulations, Raybon, on running your first marathon on Sunday.

Raybon ran the Big Sur Marathon on Sunday.  He's been training for it for a really long time now, since the beginning of winter if not longer.  He made up his own training plan, and came up with a race plan himself.  He made it through without injury, and finished strongly.  He was tired and sore the next day, but walking around like a normal person.  I'm really proud of him, and relieved for him too, that it is over.

I can't really write a race report for him  I've encouraged him to write one.  Maybe I'll publish it here if he does.   I do know it was windy, and that it was even hillier than he expected it to be, but the weather was pretty mild apart from the wind.  He felt good the whole way.

Rory and I went down with him, and we spent Saturday afternoon until Monday afternoon in the Monterey area.   I  thought it might be a nice little mini-break, but it was very tiring.  Poor Rory really just wanted his "old house" back, and didn't like being cooped up in the hotel.  He was a cheerful trooper for the most part, but unfortunately he entertained himself by getting into things he shouldn't, and all that change resulted in more power struggles than usual.  How do people travel to Europe with more kids and younger ones than Rory?  But not everything is about Rory, and this weekend was about Raybon, so I'm glad we were there to support him.  We were there at the finish line as he crossed, where he breezed past us not seeing us, but I think he knew we were there, which was the important part.

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