Monday, May 21, 2012

More on luck

Tomorrow is my 13th wedding anniversary.  So that makes it even more funny that my race number was 13.  Gives me something else to ponder.  I hope this year is luckier than my race was!  Well, I guess this will actually be our 14th year of marriage, right?  So, no worries, right?

Today I got hit!  I was pulling out of a parking spot that I decided not to park in, had come to a stop, and the car across from me backed into my driver's side door.  This happened while I was going to pick Raybon up from Starbucks where he was waiting for our old car to get some standard maintenance done.  It feels like crap when something rotten happens to me when I'm trying to do something nice for someone, as if I'm stuck in some dark, ironic comedy or something.  And I threw my back out while helping someone with something the day before the race!  Where is the justice in that?

And of course, while we're working out the details of the accident, we get a call from the car dealership saying our car was ready early, and my whole trip was pointless to begin with.

In Summary:

1) Car broke down
2) Sick
3) Back went out
4) DNF'd a race
5) Got hit in my brand new car

It was just sort of the straw that broke the camel's back.  Raybon was stressed out by the whole thing, and was perplexed that I pulled out of the parking spot and paused for a while instead of driving on like a normal person.  I took this as him blaming me, and I gave him Rory and walked away, and started crying.  I decided I would rather cry in my car, so I went over there, and for some weird reason, a guy smoking a cigarette and drinking a cup of coffee was standing right next to my car.  So I couldn't cry.  I was looking forward to a release of stress hormones, but I was denied that satisfaction.  I couldn't believe my further bad luck of having a guy standing by my car when I needed privacy, but maybe it was better that I didn't have a private pity party.

I went back to Raybon, who apologized without me asking him to and we went and had lunch as a family and then spent some time at a playground.

Sigh...  I don't know why I get thrown for a loop when bad things happen to me when I am doing something good.  Terrible things happen to good people.  Why am I surprised when so much worse happens to other people, yet I  think I am suffering the trials of Job because I have a bad few days.  The world isn't perfect, and really my life is full of blessings, even if I can't see the meaning when things go badly.

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