Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's hard not to think that marathons just aren't meant to be my thing.

My training for this race went really, really well.  No heart palpitations, once I stopped trying to do 8 minute mile paced 0.6 mile intervals. Minimal stress to my family.  I came out of most of my training sessions still functional as a mom.  My training for my first marathon was plagued with sickness, heart palpitations, bonking, and exhaustion.  This went really well.  The only thing that didn't go well was the actual race.

My last marathon, my taper was stressful.  A stressful trip to Monterey for Raybon's Big Sur Half Marathon, the death of my grandmother, a stressful trip to Southern California for the funeral, and then traveling to Sac for the actual marathon.  Not ideal for recovery.

I hoped this would go better.  I got my training done early. Our trip to Monterey for Raybon's Big Sur Marathon was a little stressful, but it was 3 weeks before the marathon, and I figured I'd recover.  Then, the next weekend, our car died.  Stress. The next week and weekend were spent car shopping.  More stress.  Then Rory's birthday, which was fun, but tiring.  Trying to make chocolate treats while your 3 year old chocoholic son who even under normal circumstances is difficult to cook around was kinda hard.  Worth it, but hard.  Then, of course, I got sick.  Even before the cold, I've had cramps and nausea.  Maybe stress related, maybe diet related.  Maybe both.

As much as I don't like looking for signs, if I do another marathon and am beset by such bad luck, I will almost feel stupid for not seeing a trend and just giving up.  Is that a quitter's attitude? Is it really bad luck?  Or is it just life?

I'm open to other interpretations, but I guess I figure out what I want and what is best for me.  When I'm less tired.

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