Thursday, May 24, 2012

Feeling More Normal

I'm finally starting to get over my cold.

Maybe I should be thankful for the heart palpitation at mile 15.  Just think what torture it would be if I was even sicker than I was the last couple days,  and have 26 miles in my legs to boot.

Maybe I should be thankful that my car broke down at a crucial moment in my taper.  Wouldn't it have been worse if it happened during a hard training week, when I would have had less energy and maybe backed down at the car dealership when they tried to cheat me on financing?

Maybe it is good that I got in a car accident on Monday.  It was really minor, and maybe having that one extra push to allow me to cry.  Maybe it gave me the push to deal with my emotions about the race.

Maybe it is good that I was sick and my back went out.  Maybe I would have ran harder to begin with, had the heart palpitations at mile 6, and ended up walking 6 miles back to the start/finish/midpoint, instead of just two.

These are all, of course, just maybes.  If there is a reason behind these things happening, I don't know exactly what it is.  If there will be a positive overall outcome from these things happening, it is probably not the kind of thing I could ever fully know either.

But I think "maybe" is enough.  It makes any bad perspective I might be tempted to take on all of it a "maybe", too.

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