Monday, May 23, 2011

Summary of My Last Few Races

1. Alcatraz Challenge. Trained hard for a swim from Alcatraz, and made it to shore. About 100 other swimmers beat me to shore by being rescued by boats, and they placed ahead of me.

2. Cruz Cruise. Was slow, but can't complain about the race or results.

3. Santa Cruz Triathlon. Lost 20 pounds, figuring even if I didn't get faster (I did) at least I'd have a good before and after picture. Unfortunately, a very unflattering photo of me getting into a wetsuit, which looked like I was grabbing my privates, with a double chin, and an angry look on my face at the photographer, ended up on the internet.

4. Dean Karnazes Silicon Valley Half Marathon. A good race. Can't complain.

5. California International Marathon. My first marathon, I figured I'd average at most 10 minute miles or so. I ended up having heart rate problems, and did 13 minute miles instead. Aid stations ran out of water before I got to them, causing more problems.

6. Santa Cruz Half Marathon. Heart rate problems again.

7. Marine Discovery Run 5K. I waited about 30 seconds after the last person in the race crossed the start to cross myself, because I was pushing the stroller, and didn't want to have to fight the crowd. I was wearing a timing chip, but they didn't register my start across the timing mats, so my P.R. 5K ended up at least 30 seconds slower in the results.

8. 10K. P.R. on my 10K by almost a minute. Unfortunately, they put my result in with the 5K's, it looks like I slowly jog/walked a 5K, instead of doing my fastest 10K ever.

I can't help but think that this isn't a coincidence, and some mysterious force is either poking fun at me or trying to teach me to be less competitive.