Monday, April 11, 2011

Break Time

I finished a Half Marathon yesterday in 2:35, over 30 minutes slower than my last Half Marathon. I felt sick to my stomach for much of it, and my heart rate was way too high. While I think part of it is that I ate the wrong breakfast, I think I am also overstressed/overtraining. I'm going to take a break from racing and intense training. When I get back into it, I may do shorter races. I'll have to think carefully about what I feel up to doing. I was fine doing the races I did last year, up until after the Santa Cruz Tri in September. Even the Silicon Valley Half Marathon went OK, but I was running on fumes then. I know I'm capable of doing these type of races, I just have to be careful about how hard I train, having proper nutrition, and taking breaks in between training.

For now, I'll focus on resting, losing some weight, and maintaining an aerobic base. I should also maybe think about finding a childcare option for Rory, to relieve a bit of stress.