Sunday, January 30, 2011

Half Marathon Dropout

I've decided not to do the half marathon I signed up for.  I looked on Craiglist and saw a blind woman raising money for the blind and visually impaired running her first half marathon who forgot to sign up for the race.  How could I say no to that?

Yes, I was looking for someone to buy my bib on Craigslist.  I just don't feel like doing it.  I'm looking forward more to relaxing than running a half marathon next weekend.  Or maybe getting a good long swim in.  I'll probably do the Flip Flop Half Marathon in April.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Started Off As a Blog about the Hour Swim and Rambled Into Why I'm Giving Up Cycling

This was my 7th time doing the Hour Postal Swim.  Here are all my results over the years:

2004 - 3315
2005 - 3845
2006 - 3780
2007 - 3920
2008 - 4100
2009 - 3420 - pregnant
2010 - Just didn't happen
2011 - 3590

Yes, sadly, I didn't swim that much farther than I did when I was 5 months pregnant, when I had to stop a lot and swim tons of backstroke.

I knew I wouldn't be able to swim it that fast.  I gave up swimming after swimming 50 x 100's on the 1:40 Thanksgiving, not wanting to tire myself too much for my marathon.

I guess I just wanted to have an honest assessment of where I'm at, and now I have that.

I'm considering giving up my bike for a while and focusing on swimming and running.  It's sad to me that I'm putting in so much time into my bike, which I don't really like all that much, and not being able to put consistent time and energy into what I once loved, swimming. 

As much as I say I hate my bike, I'll miss it.  When I was thinking about goals for the coming year, one of the ones I thought of was becoming a decent cyclist.  It's my weakest leg in triathlon, and it's what makes me feel like I'm not a real triathlete.  People I can outrun and outswim outbike me, and end up kicking my butt in the overall race.  People also say it is the easiest leg to improve in.  I figure I just need to put in the time. 

There are lots of reasons I don't want to bike.  There are lots of reasons I want to.  But the main reason I want to give it up is I'm afraid of crashing.  If I crashed on my bike and broke something, I wouldn't be able to take care of my son.  That would be emotionally disastrous for my family, and also potentially financially disastrous, as we'd have to hire help.  It's not an irrational fear entirely.  I can think of a lot of people who have crashed on their bikes and broken bones.  If I loved it, it might be worth the risk.  I don't love it..

Maybe I'll continue to cross train on my trainer, just to keep my my hand in.  I'll consider it.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So Anyway...

That last post made me a little depressed.  I signed up with United States Masters Swimming today.  I also signed up for a Half Marathon.  I ran 5 miles, then swam 2100 yards.  I had a good swim.  Not sure I'll ever be as fast as I was, but I felt like I was finding my groove.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

End of an Era?

I haven't created a race schedule.  I haven't even signed up with United States Masters Swimming this year.  I just quit my triathlon club.

I'm a little bummed about quitting the tri club.  I wrote a private draft blog entry about it (too whiny for general consumption) and just ate a bag of Lay's potato chips.  OK, it's only 230 calories, and all potatoes, oil, and salt.  Could have been worse. 

But life is good for the most part.  My house is a little neater.  I'm generally trying to get back on the wagon with losing weight.  Rory is taking a gymnastics class.  Generally, I've felt like I've had more energy to be a better mom, today and yesterday being a bit of an exception.  The weather has been nice.  That has helped with getting outdoors and finding fun things to do.  I've been to church twice in the last three weeks.  I've been filling the freezer with lots of meals for busy nights, with the idea in mind that if I ever want to sign up for a challenging event, I'll be prepared for those days I'm too tired to fix dinner.

While I don't have any challenging athletic goals in front of me, I am still committed to keeping fit.  I would sort of like to remain in half marathon shape.  I did a 10 mile run this week, and it felt really good, until the next day when I felt a little tired and hungry.  Need to remember  to take it easy the day after a long run.  Don't cook a double batch of pancakes for breakfast and a fancy dinner.  Next time I'll plan ahead. 

I'm realizing that I'm not a super mom or a super athlete, and that is fine.  I often said I never wanted to the type of person who bragged about her athletic accomplishments while pregnant, and I'm starting to realize I never want to be the type of person who brags about her athletic accomplishments post partum either.  I want a happy, balanced life for me and my family.  Exercise and fitness are part of that, but I don't generally want to be so tired from training that I'm unhappy.  If I do, I end up taking the easy way as a mom, instead of the best way.

 So that's just where I'm at for now.  Happy for the most part, and not interested in being brave, super, awesome, or a warrior.  All I want is peace and happiness for me and my family, and maybe some extra love and energy left for the other people in my life. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Because I'm a Nerd

The Nerd Handbook

Lots, but not all of this applies to me.  The other half applies to Raybon.