Monday, August 09, 2010

I Signed Up!

I signed up for the California International Marathon! I'm pretty excited about it. Hope the training goes well.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Cruz Cruz - Progress Over 7 Years

My TimeTop TimePercent DifferenceMy RankTotal RankPercentile

2004:  Had been swimming Masters a little over a year at that point.  One of the choppiest swims I've ever swam.  I remember ending up with a sore neck from cranking it from sighting.

2005:  I barely remember this swim, except that it foggy, so they shortened the course.  My biggest improvement was made this year, as this was the year I first started swimming seriously and regularly with the larger Master's group at UC Flip Flop.

2006:  When I swam this race, I remember feeling like it was the best race of my life.  I went into it not even thinking I was going to race hard, but ended up wondering if I'd skipped a buoy, because I came in behind a woman who swam a lane up from me, and my times were much closer to the leaders than I expected.  This was the year I trained at Cowell's more than any other year, favoring the ocean to the pool.

2007:  It looks like my progress slipped this year a bit, and I wasn't very happy with my performance.

2008:  Back in the game.  I swam for fun, bit I swam hard, and was pretty surprised at how well I did, considering I'D been swimming much less this year than last, and my Parkside Aquatic Mile results were not great.

2009:  Just had Rory.  Might have been able to pull off a 2-mile swim, despite having been in the water maybe half a dozen times since I had him, but did the 1-mile Roughwater instead, partially just to see my teammates. Didn't feel like I could do both.

2010:  :(.  It looks like I'm worse than the first time I did it, when I'd been swimming Masters for a little over a year.  It always kinda depends on who shows up, though.  Oh well, I'm still getting faster, just not getting faster as fast as I was.  Makes sense, since I don't have the time to train that I once did.  I am happy that swimming isn't the main focus in my life. Seeing Rory post-race is better than any result or reward. Will continue to focus on getting better from where I'm at.  I guess if it takes me longer to improve, that just means I can string out my post Rory P.R.'s a little longer. :)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Cruz Cruise 2010

I wasn't planning on doing any of the Flip Flop open water races this weekend. I did a 40 mile bike ride yesterday, and was planning on doing an 8-mile run today.

I was complaining to Raybon about my lack of motivation in the pool the last couple of weeks. I actually trained pretty hard for Alcatraz. Well, honestly, by hard I mean I swam about 2200 yards or so twice a week for about a month. But I tried to maintain an interval that in not too distant memory would have worked for a lane that I swam in. Hard is all kind of relative, I guess. Nothing like as hard as I used to train.

So after training hard for Alcatraz, and then finding that about 100 people had boats move them closer to the finish line, I was pretty disappointed. Why did I train so hard only to get beat by people, that to my mind were assisted in cheating?

Raybon told me I should do a race I'd already done before, so I would know where I'm at.

So I did the Cruz Cruise today, a 2-mile swim in Flip Flop, not really knowing how I'd do, but hoping I'd get a little satisfaction that my month of semi-hard training would have helped some.

The swim itself was fun. I felt really at home in the familiar water where I used to spend so much time training. I also had fun saying hi to my old teammates from Flip Flop Masters. I got a nice red second place ribbon, and felt happy when my old teammates cheered for me as I picked it up from the my former coach. The announcer (one of my old lane mates) gave me a little bit of a hard time about "swimming for a different club." Well, sorry... Haven't been swimming at either club, but still loyal to the club I swam the most with in recent history.

I felt good swimming, but when I got out I was COLD!!! I never get cold. It was only 59 degrees! Positively balmy! Other than the 3 other races I've done post-Rory, I've been in the ocean just once. Guess I've lost some of my cold acclimation. I don't feel too sad about this. If this could somehow mean I get less hot when I run or bike, that's a good thing.

I kinda wish I had the race results in front of me but I don't. One person who beat me by 7 minutes in a one mile swim last year, beat me by the same in a 2 mile swim this year. So I guess that's some post-Rory progress? And someone who beat me by 3 minutes in that one mile swim last year, came in somewhere (maybe a minute, maybe less) behind me this year. So while I'm making post-Rory progress, people who were about my speed when I did the race two years ago kicked my butt. I pretended the people I was swimming with in the race were people that I would once have kept up with, but those people were dried off and dressed when I got out.

So all in all, I'm glad I raced today. I enjoyed the swim, and at least I know I'm a little faster than last year. All those 400's I did in the pool paid off a little bit, I guess. Hopefully this will motivate me to swim a little harder occasionally.