Friday, May 14, 2010

Rory's Rose

There is a rosebush in my parent's garden that never bloomed until after Rory was born. My mom sent me a picture of this rose, the first bloom of the year, nearly a year later.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wharf to Wharf Challenge Update

Raybon, Rory, and I headed down to Flip Flop Sunday to do some races.  



First race in 3 years.  Training off and on, kinda just hitting the road when he feels up to it, which isn't tons.  Since it was Mother's Day, he offered to push the jogging stroller, even though I offered to do it, figuring I race all the time, and he doesn't.  He ran the 5K.


Ran the 10K.  Been training pretty consistently since January.  The last couple 10K's I ran, I bonked.  I was pretty bummed with a 1:02:37 in my race last month, given I'd been running more than any time in my life.  Just shows to go ya, what they say about junk miles is true.  Decided to throw in a little speed work, and promise myself that I would go easier in the first half of the race than I felt like.

Race Experience


He said he had a good race.  He started in the back of the pack, took it slow the first mile, and then picked it up.  His test for having a good race is feeling like you have to throw up at the end, which he did feel like.  A few people said they hated getting passed by people with jogging strollers.


I had a good race, too, I think.  I did an easy 10 minute mile the first mile, then went a little harder the farther along I went in the race. I didn't get sick or bonk (yay!), but my legs started to burn the last half mile or so.  I think I did about 8:47 my last mile, but I'm not sure.  My heart rate monitor doesn't do splits, and I'm not good at math when my H.R. is at race pace. A girl I passed at mile 4 held onto me, and we pushed each other along.


Raybon:28:38.1, or 9:14 miles
Nori:  58:49.9, or 9:29 miles
Who won?  Ok, we weren't racing each other, so that's not really a good question. He ran faster, I ran longer.  Who will win the Wharf to Wharf Challenge?  The jury is still out.  Raybon thinks he has it in the bag still, but maybe his confidence will be his downfall.

I had a post-Rory P.R., but I haven't gotten much faster since February (59:57 for a 10K), even though I've increased my distance and thrown in a little speed work. Hopefully more speed work will get me back to my pre-Rory shape. I can't decided whether the 10 minute mile for mile 1 was good pacing or not.

Monday, May 10, 2010


I've decided on Rory as the alias for my son. It's a reference to a Simpsons episode where Mr. Burns steals a bunch of puppies a la Cruella DeVille.

[Burns takes the puppies out of a bath]
Burns: There you are...there you go, little fellow...and you.
[one of the puppies stands on its hind legs]
[gasps] Smithers, look: he's standing up. I've never seen
anything so adorable! Do you know who it reminds me of?
Smithers: Benji?
Burns: No.
Smithers: Lassie?
Burns: No, no, no, a person. You know who I mean.
Smithers: Snoop Doggy Dogg? Bob Barker? David Brenner?
Burns: No, no! The person who's always standing and walking.
Smithers: Rory Calhoun?
Burns: That's it!

Rory (my son)always loved standing, from a very young age. He would always want us to help him stand up when he couldn't do it himself. Plus, conveniently, Rory is kind of a combination of Raybon and Nori. I only noticed this after I decided Rory would be his alias.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I Quit Facebook

I don't have time to blog about this, and I don't have time to email everyone and let them know. (I actually tried a few times, but it's a lot of work to select that many people from your address book, and I didn't want to "Select All.") At least my blog readers will know, and maybe if they hear people wondering out loud why I'm not their Facebook friend, they can let them know.

The short story is, it was both too much and too little information. I don't want to know so much about other people's lives without hearing the whole story. And I don't want to share tidbits of my life without people getting the chance to hear more about it, too.