Sunday, March 08, 2009

5 Minutes of My Life

I was hanging out with Oxy and Raybon downtown after we got breakfast. We were cutting through Flip Flop coffee roasting company on our way to the drug store, when I decided to get hot chocolate. I said yes to whip cream, happy about having no angst about the indulgence. They piled it on high, and I was a little worried about getting the lid on. When it went on miraculously without spilling, I couldn't help but be filled with glee. Raybon and Oxy wondered why I looked so happy, and Oxy somehow guessed it had to do with the whipped cream and the lid. Nice mind reading, Oxy. I really was goofily happy about this, like I have been about lots of things since I got pregnant. Expecting a baby somehow restored a childlike pleasure to little things in life. But seconds later after bursting with happiness, my lid popped off, and I nearly spilled my chocolate.

Anyway, my chocolate only spilled over the edge of the cup a tiny bit. Life is still good, but it just seemed ironic and I have to admit it burst my little bubble. I wondered if I was tempting the evil eye by being so visibly happy.

I haven't blogged for so long, I wonder if my readers are like, "I waited so long for this?"